Friday, 28 July 2017

Not Another Try.

Hi again! 

I have decided to finally.... (insert drum rolls) try to rejuvenate my love for blogging again. I have been endlessly saying that for the past years without a fail. But you know, some mantras just don't work the way you planned it to be. Since it's obviously without any efforts... right in the face there, mate.

I was kind of triggered during an interview for a Masters programme in University of Malaya recently. The interviewer mentioned on how I talk a lot (definitely true), unsure if that was a compliment or not.. then she asked if I write too? I muted for a few seconds, knowing the last few passages I've probably written was a long ass Instagram caption or that heritage report I wrote during degree which was exactly a year ago. I confidently answered, 'I don't have any thesis or any published articles. But, I blog!' I was gobsmacked by the words that came out from my own mouth. I mean, how can you just say 'I blog' during an interview for a Masters programme.. Is that even considered as something that's acceptable in the world of academia. However, she was absolutely amused and started asking questions on my blog, what I blog about and when was the last time I blogged etc, etc. And I surprisingly got the offer!

So, that was when I was like okay.. my blog posts are actually something relevant to the real world. It was once a medium to let me 'spill' my thoughts and feelings. Hence, the title 'Her Spills' on my header. But I realised it's not only that, it was a part of my childhood and memories that I wanted to share, which I want to bring to life again. 

I guess, I'm back!