Friday, 1 January 2016

Kickstart of a New Year.

1st of January 2016.

It's amazing how time passes by so swiftly without you noticing as it changes you and the people around you. It's also amazing how it's the beginning of a new year and starting everything off with a clean slate would be the only best thing to do. To cherish all the good things that have happened in the previous year, blindly erase and just learn from the bad ones. It's even more amazing to know that there is no such thing as the greatest year ever because every single year that you go through, you experience it differently.

This year had taught me a lot.

From traveling to other countries without any grownups (I was 21 and still overly attached with my parents) to learning how to finally manage my life. I've eventually learnt and experienced the quote that I've been chanting to myself over the years, good things will come to those who wait. Well, it's definitely true. Certain things will take ample time to happen, just how it takes time for a baby to learn how to walk and talk. All the patience that one goes through, it will be all worth it in the end. I've also learnt that certain friends come and go like tides. This is probably one of the most cliche phrases ever, but it is somehow true. I tend to question myself on how does this circle of friendship even work. Is it based on who you needed most then. Or is it just a game of spin-the-wheel. It's not really a big of a deal anyway, it is something that you get used to after a while. I am a driftwood, after all. You have to be nice to everyone. No matter how selfless one may be, just be kind. Kindness overrules all. But don't just be kind in front of them and be the opposite behind. It portrays one's sincerity. So be sincere.

I wish for a better year, although 2015 was an honestly good one. I've had more good days compared to the bad. More smiles compared to cries. I wish that this year will be a year where I'll strive in whatever I do, achieve the things I have yet to achieve. Become a better Muslimah, I have yet to be. I wish for an even greater year for everyone. InshaAllah.